Webbing Industries Australia Pty. Ltd.

Webbing Industries Australia P/L (WIA P/L)

Webbing Industries Australia commenced operations in Australia in 1949 as a lace manufacturer at that time named Price Shepshed. This was a jointly owned business between two companies; G.W Price and Shepshed lace, and was acquired by GTI P/L in 1986.

Over the coming years the company added lingerie elastics and other webbings to its range and became an agent for several European ribbon and lace manufacturers.

With the demise of the lingerie industry in 2000 the company diversified its product range to include industrial fabrics; introducing harness webbings, lashings, lifting slings, boot elastic, jacquard, surgical fabrics etc. etc.

In February 2007 the company and changed its name to Webbing Industries Australia P/L to more accurately represent the nature of the business.